At STORMS Associates, our recruiting focus is finding and placing quota-busting technology sales professionals and sales managers within reputable high tech companies. We work with national, regional, and local companies, including small-medium-sized businesses who need a professional sales force but don’t have the internal resources to devote to finding those top sales employees.


  • Software
  • Analytics
  • Data and managed services
  • Systems integrators
  • Telecommunications and telephony
  • IT consulting

SALES Specialties

  • Sales hunters
  • Account managers
  • Sales managers, GMs, directors, VPs
  • Inside sales
  • Sales engineers


STORMS Associates has a wealth of experience recruiting and negotiating for and with expert sales professionals and sales organizations.   In addition to our recruiting services, we offer webinars and seminars to help you:

Improve your company’s SALES HIRING effectiveness

This training is intended to help you increase your revenues by improving your sales hiring skills and process.  We can develop workshops specifically to meet your company’s sales hiring challenges.

Here are some of our current sales hiring topics:

  • Interpreting what that sales resume really means (This is $17/per person, 30-45 minute webinar, which we’ll schedule with 7 or more participants.)
  • Interviewing questions that find your next great sales person
  • Hunting or Farming, Inside or Outside?  Interviewing for different skills
  • Developing compensation plans that work
  • Developing an effective hiring process


Increase your NEGOTIATING skills

Our clients and candidates need to be good negotiators.  So do we.  Every day we negotiate with and for companies and candidates.   We can help you and/or your staff become more confident and effective as you work deals with clients, vendors, colleagues, and prospective employers and employees – or your kids. 

Our negotiation training topics include:

  • Negotiating fearlessly (This is a $17/per person, 30-45 minute webinar, which we’ll schedule with 7 or more participants.)
  • Basic negotiation concepts
  • The “Because Theory” and other ways to use human nature to become more persuasive
  • Getting beyond T.A.L (“they all lie”)

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