Reduce Anxiety with Daily Plan

Earlier this month I listened to a webinar by recruiter Gary Stauble.  His focus was on building the habit of ending today by planning tomorrow.  Not new, but worth repeating.

Gary was talking to recruiters, but his point applies equally to sales people & job hunters. The fastest, most effective way to start a productive day is to have your plan in place when you approach your desk.  This way, you immediately begin productive activities, so you’re more efficient & effective. 

This habit also reduces anxiety, which increases happiness.  Multiply that increased happiness & productivity by 365 & you’ve built up some serious benefits over a year.  With a daily plan, you have the answers to these & other stress-producing questions:

1. What are my priorities today?  What are my boss’s or my clients’ priorities for my day?

2. What should I work on first?  What’s due today that absolutely MUST be done?

3. Who must I meet with today & where?  What do I need to prepare for these meetings?  How much travel time must I fit into my schedule?

4. How could I balance my day with exercise, healthy meals, entertainment, family?

Ending your day planning to begin tomorrow is a simple solution for lowering stress & raising productive when you’re job hunting, selling, or dealing with a busy life. 

What are your experiences & suggestions?

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