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Approximately what percentage of your experience in the past few years has focused on:

a. Acquiring entirely new clients (hunting)?

b. Retaining accounts (farming)?

c. Serving in a subject-matter-expert role rather than full account responsibility?

d. Which is your preference?


Sales/Sales Management:

Approximately which percentage of your sales experience in the past several years has been

a. Direct selling or managing accounts?

b. Managing a sales team?

c. Managing a sales team?


Types products/services:

Which types of products and/or services have you sold over the past few years?



Which types of products and/or services have you sold over the past few years?

a. To which cities would you be willing to commute daily?

b. Approximately how long would each of those commutes be?



What are your most recent quotas?



This information must be verified before a job offer is extended:

a. What’s your most recent total annual income, including only base salary, commissions, & bonuses?

b. If your most recent income isn’t typical, to which total annual income are you accustomed?

c. What’s your most recent base salary?

d. What are your base & total income expectations for your next job?


Troublesome issues:

Is there anything in your work history that you think may cause prospective employers to be concerned? For example: multiple short job tenures, travel restrictions, non-compete restrictions, and terminations. If so, please & briefly explain.


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