The Storms Difference



Why trust us to help you find the job where you’ll spend 2500 hours of your life each year? 

Because . . .

  • We really like sales people and appreciate the skills and self-discipline it takes to be good-to-great in sales.
  • We work primarily with technology companies and with proven technology sales people.
  • We don’t treat you like a commodity.  We hear and understand when you tell us what you want and don’t want in a sales job, a company, a career.
  • We tell you the truth.
  • We try to make the job hunting process as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.
  • We’re nationally certified.  

What does “nationally certified” mean?  Being a nationally Certified Personnel Consultant (CPC) means that we’re as serious about being professional technology sales recruiters as you are about being a professional sales person. It means we want to do it right. The National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) says, “The CPC and CTS designations . . . are the industry’s badge of professionalism and seal of excellence.”

Mary Storms earned her CPC in 1999 and gets recertified every year to continue becoming a better representative for you.


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