Recruiting Process

Here’s how we spend our time at Storms Associates . . .

1. Finding top tech sales candidates

  • We reach into companies where your potential IT sales talent is employed.
  • We network with our colleagues and theirs.
  • We reach into virtual offices and hang-outs where technical sales people congregate.
  • We dig into our own deep databases of technology sales pros around the USA.

 2. Qualifying candidates for skills and for your company and culture

  • We have lengthy, candid interviews with you and with your prospective sales employees.
  • Candidates complete extensive surveys relating their backgrounds to your jobs.
  • We tell you and the candidates the truth to minimize last-minute surprises and time wasted.
  • We only send you candidates who’re qualified for your profile. We don’t waste your time or theirs.

 3. Following through to sign-on

  • We work through the entire hiring process to clarify and remove the rocks along the way.
  • We clarify income issues – upfront.
  • We check references and get extensive, detailed responses.
  • We help you with background checks and educational verification as needed.
  • We negotiate the offer and stay in touch after the start date.

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