Top Tech Sales Talent

Our tech sales stars are seeking their next challenges in companies filled with smart, self-motivated problem solvers . . .

Good tech sales professionals are hard to find.  Fortunately, we’re working with some excellent sales reps and sales managers.  Below are a few of them who currently ready for a new challenge.

Equally important, we know how to find other top tech sales talent in your industry and geography.  Contact us if you need sales producers and sales leaders anywhere in the USA., 704-607-9118.


Software/Sales Hunter – Memphis

This ERP software sales specialist also has typically been in the top 10% of his peers.  His background includes security software & telecom sales, in both the Midwest & California.  He’s articulate, director, diplomatic, & a pleasure to work with.

Data Center/Sales Manager – Charlotte

This sales leader has a long, consistent history of exceeding sales goals in the data center sector and, earlier, in telecom.  Her excellent tenure demonstrates that she’s able to focus on hitting goals in both easy and challenging economies.  This is true whether she’s sales management or direct sales positions.  She knows how to work within large corporations to get things done.

Telecom and Data/Sales Hunter – Wilmington

This sales hunter knows every aspect of telecom – VOIP, data storage & data centers, voice & data services, telephony, direct and channel sales.  For 15+ years he’s hit his quotas, usually at or near the top of the leader board.  He knows how to get in the door & sell companies of all sizes in eastern North & South Carolina.

Software/Sales Hunter – Seattle

This well-tenured, professional hunter/farmer sells primarily into financial, manufacturing, & retail industries.   He’s accustomed to being 115%+ of quota & selling $1.5-2.5MM annually for his employers, typically SMBs.  He’s interested in the challenge of selling cutting edge products/services & building or rebuilding territories.

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