Golden books that’ll make you money – if you read them . . .

You can’t go wrong by spending a few hours with each of these fine books. A nugget of information from each book is included here.


Never Eat Alone. By Keith Ferrazzi.

Nugget: This is a networking guide from the consummate networker! When you have a business or personal gathering, invite key people from different areas of your life so they expand their networks and more appreciate yours. It also makes the gathering more interesting.


Influence. The Psychology of Persuasion. By Robert Cialdini.

Nugget: If you want people to commit to doing something, have them write it down and sign it. Writing the signature creates greater commitment and initiates the need to be consistent to one’s own and a public image.


The Tipping Point. By Malcolm Gladwell.

Nugget: Review your network specifically to identify the person or people who seem to connect you to most of your business connections, then consciously develop those people as your major networkers.


Newton’s Telecom Dictionary. by Harry Newton.

Nugget: “Whois . . . A tool of the Internic DNS (Domain Name Server) . Whois allows anyone to query a database of people and other internet entities, such as domains, networks, and hosts. The data includes company/individual name, address, phone number, and electronic mail address.”


Getting to Yes. by Roger Fisher, Bruce Patton, & William Ury.

Nugget: When negotiating, decide which outcome you’re seeking, NOT one specific way to get to that outcome, although you may brainstorm before the negotiation about how to jointly reach the outcome. This gives you more flexibility and room to develop creative solutions.


Difficult Conversations. by Douglas Stone, Bruce Patton, Sheila Heen, & Roger Fisher.

Nugget: Before telling your side of the story, let the person with whom you’re speaking get his or her points made. Until then, that person won’t be able to focus on your comments, despite the validity of your ideas.


How to Make Friends and Influence People. By Dale Carnegie.

Nugget: You can never, never, never win an argument. One way or the other, you’ll lose. So don’t argue, even when you know you’re right.


Getting Things Done. By David Allen.

Nugget: If a task takes less than 2 minutes, do it NOW.  Getting Things Done Video.


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